Accreditation Activities

In an effort to meet the accreditation requirements, the department was evaluated in 2008 by the “Enhancement of Quality Assurance and Institutional Planning in Arab Universities” program, UNDP. This is an international organization actively engaged in promoting international instruments of quality assurance at the regional level through the evaluation grademiners of programs, the assessment of student performance, and the establishment of comparable statistical databases of participating universities.

The evaluation concluded in the following:

  • Academic Standards: Satisfactory

Overall, the reviewers judged that the Academic Standards are Satisfactory. This overall judgment was based on the following profile of judgments for each contributing aspect:

Curricula:                    Good

Student Assessment: Satisfactory

Student Achievement: Satisfactory

  • Quality of Learning Resources: Satisfactory
  • Quality Assurance and Enhancement: Satisfactory

At present the department is preparing to be accredited by “The National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education” (NAQAAE), the accrediting body for all Egyptian educational institutions (higher education, pre- university, and Al-Azhar education).