The chemical engineering program is committed to provide superior scientific knowledge for its graduate students, which has a high level of competitiveness locally and globally; via the preparation of an innovative chemical engineer. The student who graduates from the program will be able to use advanced scientific knowledge and communication skills, while adhering to the profession’s ethics. Additionally, it will keep pace with the market’s needs and achieve sustainable economic development and community service using the skills gained from scientific research. The program also urges students to engage in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and to found pioneering companies in this field



Pioneering of engineering education, community service and qualification for scientific research in the field of Chemical Engineering locally, regionally, and globally.



• Provide chemical engineering students, at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with a strong technical education and communication skills that will enable them to have successful careers in a wide range of industrial and professional environments.

• Pursue knowledge and commensurate understanding to students about the industrial processes and their design bases to control the performance of their system in terms of dealing with raw materials and products within industrial establishments.

• Acquire students the ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

• Enhance the quality and competence of graduates with an ethical vision and appreciation to their social and moral responsibilities both within their careers in engineering and through service in their communities.

• Stimulate outstanding research activities that contribute to the advancement of the chemical engineering profession and the development of the local and regional industry